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Conical Head Nozzle Cleaning Brushes
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Conical Head Nozzle Cleaning Brushes

Bristle material : nylon bristle 
Stem material : stainless steel 

Brush head : protective tip 
Brush construction : single stem - single spiral 
Brush end : steel loop

Model : 19301/ 19302 / 19303 
Application : cleaning and dust-removal

Brand : Like
OEM or ODM welcomed
Origin : China

Nozzle Cleaner Brushes Conical Head     

Nylon Cleaning Brushes

Conical head nylon brushes are designed for cleaning conical shape of cake nozzles or other steel nozzles. Conical brush head can clean the inner hole of the decorating nozzle and the areas which are hard to reach easily.  

Brush filaments are available in nylon bristle or PBT bristle with different size. Stainless steel wire stem is straight and safe. End loop on the brush in for hand griping or drying. 

Brush Specification

Part No.
Filament Material Stem Material

Diameter 1


Diameter 2








19301 PBT bristle stainless steel 6 20 40 125
19302 nylon bristle stainless steel 8 20 40 125
19303 nylon bristle stainless steel 10 20 40 125

Brush Image



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