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Straight Stainless Steel Wire End Brushes
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Straight Stainless Steel Wire End Brushes

Filament Material : stainless steel /carbon steel
Base Material : stainless steel /carbon steel

Model : 43440/43450/43460/43470
Application : deburring / polishing /cleaning

Brand : Like
OEM or ODM welcomed
Country of Origin : China

Stainless Steel Wire End Brushes

Pipe Cleaning Brushes

Product Description

End brushes filled with straight stainless steel wire or carbon steel wires are mainly used for cleaning and polishing varies of pipes or tubes in industrial environment. These brushes can be used directly or installed on clean tools.

Brush filaments are available in stainless steel wire or carbon steel wire with different diameters. Filament sizes include 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 1.0mm or thicker. Base (cap) material is carbon steel or stainless steel. Base (cap) dimensions, brush diameters and length can be custom made according to your application. 

Brush Specification

Part No.





Base (Cap)








43440stainless steel wirecarbon steel wirestainless steel400.40
43450stainless steel wirecarbon steel wirestainless steel500.50
43460stainless steel wirecarbon steel wirestainless steel600.40
43470stainless steel wirecarbon steel wirestainless steel700.50

If the size you required is not listed here, please contact us for further information. 

Product Features

1, Straight brush filament are filled in the cap with no crimped and twisted.

2, Brush are to be durable for reuse of several times.

3, Tensile strength up to 330000 PSI.

4, No glue and epoxy on the base (cap)

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