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Abrasive Nylon Wire Tube Brushes Double Stem
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Abrasive Nylon Wire Tube Brushes Double Stem

Bristle material : abrasive nylon
Stem material : steel wire

Brush head: cutting tip
Brush end : cutting
Brush construction: double stem - double spiral

Model : 22001/22002/22003/22004/22005
Application :deburring and polishing

Brand: Like
OEM or ODM available
Origin: China

Abrasive Nylon Wire Tube Brush Double Stem 

Abrasive tube Brushes for Heavy Duty Polishing and Deburring

Abrasive nylon tube brushes filled with silicon carbide wire are ideal for heavy duty polishing, deburring on small tubes, pipes, bores or cylinders. They have a good effective to remove the burrs, debris, rust on internal holes. Brush construction : double stem, doble spiral. 

Brush filaments are available in silicon carbide wire, aluminum oxide wire. Regular abrasive grits varied from 60 to 600. Other grits and wire size can also be custom made according to your requirement. 

Brush Specification

    Part No #

Fill Material 

Stem Material 

Brush Diameter


Brush Length


Overall Length


22001 silicon carbide steel 8 50 120
22002 silicon carbide steel 10 50 120
22003 silicon carbide steel 12 50 120
22004 silicon carbide steel 14 60 140
22005 silicon carbide steel 16 60 140

 If the size you required is not listed here, please contact us for further information. Brush size and material can be custom made according to your application. 

Abrasive wire tube brushes with stronger round shaft. You can check here for more information. 


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