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Medical Tube Cleaning Brushes Bristle And Cotton Head
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Medical Tube Cleaning Brushes Bristle And Cotton Head

Bristle material : pig bristle + cotton thread
Stem material : stainless steel wire

Brush head : cotton tip
Brush End : steel loop
Brush construction : single stem - single spiral

Model : 71200/71201
Application : cleaning

Brand : Like
OEM or ODM welcomed
Origin : China

Medical Tube Cleaning Brushes

These brushes are mainly used to clean tubes on medical equipment or glass bottles in laboratory. Cotton and pig bristle can help to absorb more water or liquid from tubes in a short time. A twisted stainless steel wire stem with a loop on the end enables the hand to grip the brush easily and exert pressure to the items cleaned. Loop can be hanged up for quick drying of brush bristles.


Brush bristles and size can be made according to your specific requirement. Please contact us for further information. 

Brush Specification

Part No. Filament Material Stem Material

Brush Diameter 


Brush Length


Overall Length


71200 pig bristle and cotton stainless steel 30 140 330
71201 pig birstle and cotton stainless steel 20 100 300

Brush Picture

size - 800

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