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PVC Plastic Holder Strip Brushes
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PVC Plastic Holder Strip Brushes

Brush filament : PP bristle
Bristle colour : Black
Channel material : steel or aluminum
Holder material : PVC plastic

Overall length : 840mm
Filament height : 20mm
Brush height : 40mm

Model : 62451
Application : door brush

Brand : Like
Origin of China : China
OEM or ODM welcomed

PVC Plastic Holder Strip Bushes Door Brushes

Nylon Bristle Filament / PP Filament 

Strip brush can be used at the bottom of the door to block the wind, light, sound and dust, as well as to prevent small insects from invading a room.  It also has anti-static and sealing effects. 

Compared with metal holder strip brushes, this is a new type strip brushes. The PVC plastic holder is little weight and easy to transport. 

There are 5 holes in the PVC strips for installation on the door, and there are 5pcs of self-tapping screws in the packages. 

Available overall length can be 840mm. Other size can be custom made according to your application. Brush filaments can be availble in Black PP or Nylon bristles. 

Brush Specification 







Filament Height 


Overall Length


Brush Height


62451 PP PVC plastic 20 840 40

If the size you required is not listed here, please contact us for further information. Brush size and material can be custom made according to your door size. 

Brush Application




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